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With such a variety of skills, he realized he had two good options: start a one man circus or become an art director. He decided to focus on his ad portfolio and enrolled in the Book Shop. There, he won a One Show award with future Zack Savage teammate Nik Frank Lehrer. Tommy’s specialized set of skills bring a unique perspective and insight to any project he undertakes. Nik, copywriter, has been writing in one form or another since he was a teenager. After developing his craft at the Interlochen Center for the Arts, he studied prose and screenwriting at the University of Michigan.

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As such, one of her most important career goals is to have the ability to see things differently at any given time. This ability, being able to connect two or more seemingly unrelated pieces together into something new and inspired, is important to both the designer's mental well being and the future of her career. As such, designers will constantly try to see things differently, learning what to look for when other people aren't looking for anything, and finding patterns in what seems like randomness. This goal is one attained through experience, and comes to all good designers in time. Being artsy is all well and good, but without anyone to commission your work, there's no career to be had. Graphic designers have ongoing goals or at least should have ongoing goals that include finding new clients interested in their work.