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By DARRELL SMITH Honoring Our Elders Luncheon – the last remaining event begun during the 2013 Connersville Bicentennial – is continuing. A record crowd attended the 2017 luncheon. People started asking in February the 2018 luncheon, Mary Anne Morris, event chair, said. It will be Thursday, May 17, at the John H. Miller Community Center. Morris came up with the concept to honor people who have created the community’s legacy.

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Perhaps you can be specific by suggesting that you are specialists in a particular make or model. Furthermore, you could separate yourself by suggesting that you perform specialty fuel injection work that increases mileage. Be creative and think about two or three things that you do really well and create a brand identity around that theme. That will get your brand noticed!The fact that your vehicle is mobile means that you will be taking your message to geographies that the Yellow Pages or Internet could never penetrate. Penetrate a market by simply driving to it!It is a competitive advantage that will differentiate you from your competition. It is precisely that brand differentiation that will transform your company into a brand that is coveted by consumers in your market.