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Ask yourself these questions: What is my company’s mission?Why is my product or service unique?Who is going to buy my product or service?What do I want my target audience to think about my product or service?Write down the answers to these questions on a sticky note. Refer back to this note before you make any advertising decisions to be sure your marketing strategy is true to your brand. Avoid falling head over heels for the latest marketing trend by doing your research. Firstly, what is your product?Too many small businesses rush into advertising decisions without taking the time to understand their brand and product. If you don’t know what you are selling, how can you sell it?Your product can’t be both high end and budget friendly. Why is your product unique and what makes it worth the money whatever the price point?Secondly, know your target audience. What are the needs, habits and desires of your current customers?What about your prospective customers?Finally, take the time to study your local industry. If your business has a storefront, how can you increase walk in traffic in your neighborhood?If you offer a common service, what is it about your company that makes your service stand out from the rest?Don’t rely on what you think you know — invest in the marketing research to get it right. Conducting marketing research will help grow your business by both identifying potential customers and avoiding marketing pitfalls. Small businesses often make the mistake of not choosing the right media tool for the job. Instead, they choose the latest ‘trendy’ tool.

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Often it only refers to the years of experience you have. You could easily find yourself with a “senior designer” position in a company where you’re the only designer!Art/Creative DirectorThese are the Don Drapers of the world. While everyone else sits in a cubicle, the Creative Director sits in an office. For the most part, Creative Directors started at the bottom and worked their way up through 10+ years of experience. “While everyone else sits in a cubicle, the Creative Director sits in an office. ”A typical Creative Director might actually do more managing than actual full on design work.