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This system did not only enhance the romantic paintings of the Victorian era, but also influenced the style. Luois Prang was a press printer who moved to America in 1850 and joined a printing firm, which he eventually took over. Because of Prang’s interest in collecting sweet, romanticized naturalistic pieces, he dramatically influenced the output of the printed material. He used his color printing presses to being so many different subjects, civil war maps, scenes, and album cards to life. This style is what began the creation of holiday, greeting and birthday cards. Naturally, it all arose with Christmas, first publishing an English Christmas card in 1873. Following this, came the creation of cards with the sweet innocence this style demonstrated throughout. Advertising ate this concept up, and eventually this put Prangs creations behind in competition, pushing him more towards some magazine designs. Once his daughter was born, he concerned himself with the art education field and started to make materials suitable and safe for children to use water colors/crayons. Color has always intrigued me, mostly because of the dramatic effect it can have on how people feel. There are always elements of design that can make something look either beautiful or messy, but color is one element that can change from culture to culture or person to person.

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And we'll look at the most flexible layouts of all, which are free form where the layout uniquely conveys it's content. We'll do this on two live projects from start to finish. All this is in Learning Graphic Design: Layouts. Let's get started. Found this post through Pinterest and I just want to say that you made me cry from the overwhelming emotion that rushed through my entire body after reading this. I want to thank you because now, more than ever, I am 110% percent sure that graphic design is MY calling. I’ve designed invitations and stationary for a while now on a crappy scrapbooking software I bought five years ago. Ive always been intimidated by Photoshop and Illustrator thinking I would need some sort of degree or schooling on how to use them, but with this post I feel confident that I can finally make my dreams a reality. Open up my stationary business straight from home. Thank you again for taking the time to share your journey to success. Wow, thank you for this post!I have no plans to quit my day job in line pipe sales, but I can appreciate a course and extra information on graphic design.