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Her "lingerie touches" are copied everywhere piping, bands of contrasts, ruffles and jabots. She initiates fake jewelry, to be worn everywhere, even on the beach. " Chanel loved the wearing styles of the Scottish, and inspired by this she created her first tweed suits in 1928. Chanel's enormous success with costume jewelry most of which were designed by herself, had been taken note of by genuine jewelry manufactures and dealers, and others associated with the jewelry industry, such as the diamond and colored stone dealers, who had been having a very lean time during the depression that started in 1929 and continued into the 1930s. Her success with costume jewelry also impressed the International Guild of Diamond Merchants, which was now studying various strategies to give a new lease of life to the badly battered diamond industry. It was in pursuance of this goal that a team from the International Guild of Diamond Merchants had approached the legendary "queen of haute couture" in Paris, and negotiated with her a deal, to design a sparkling collection of fine jewelry using diamonds and platinum, that would bring the most dazzling of precious stones back to center stage, and thus help the luxury industry out of the economic crisis. Chanel, exhibiting her usual trait of accepting challenges, responded favorably to the call of the International Guild, and together with Paul Iribe, the multi talented, graphic, textile, jewelry, stage and advertising designer, with whom she shared two years of her life, set about creating the collection, that eventually saw the light of day in November 1932. The duo based their fine jewelry collection on three themes, knots or bows, stars and feathers. Each piece of jewelry was remarkable not only for its delicate setting and the discrete clasp, but also for its interchangeability, such as a necklace that could be converted into a brooch or a bracelet, or a pendant that could be transformed into a pin. The stunning collection of fine jewelry was exhibited for two weeks in November 1932, at Chanel's private apartment in Paris, at 29, Rue du Faubourg St. Honore.

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The insides of Victorian churches were inspired from gothic architecture, consisting of extremely intricate details throughout not only the high painted ceilings and windows, but throughout the outside as well. When it came to the printed work, the religious and newly rich has a major influence on the layouts and concepts. Puppies, kittens, children, flowers, and young women were consistently at the centers of the poster and produced designs of this era. The ability to reproduce these graceful looking paintings was enabled by the invention and development of lithography, which was invented by a Bavarian author by the name of Aloys Senefelder in 1796. This process is based on stone and oil based paints used for transferring the image. Separate color plates were a later addition to this system, which allowed for the beautiful Victorian designs to come to life, using chromolithography.